Food Safety Policy


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    • 5 Nov, 2019
      Food Safety Policy

      We, at Master Chips – a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, produce ready-to-eat salted snacks including:

      A-    Fried potato chips, tortilla chips, and other snacks made out from different starches like potato and corn and manufactured through extrusion, frying, baking, and popping processes.

      B-   Roasted, fried nuts and mixed nuts manufactured through air roasting, traditional roasting and frying processes.

      By conforming to the local statutory and regulatory requirements as well as those of the countries of export, and by implementing a Food Safety Management System according to ISO 22000: 2018, we ensure safe food manufacture and satisfaction to our customers, who, in turn, will reward us with bigger sales volume and market share.

      We are committed to communicate food safety issues within our organization and to align on specific needs and specifications with our suppliers in object to ensure the food safety of our products.

      We value our customers’ feedback by keeping an open-door policy and continually improving our Food Safety Management System. On the other hand, we believe and do keep track with relevant technological progress to fit our customers’ needs.

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