Legal Notice

  • Our dream is what motivates us: To become the best snacks company in the Middle East. Our people are our most precious assets. Our people thrive and are worthy of freedom. 
  • They are self-aware, self-motivating, self-disciplined and most importantly self-improving. 
  • We highly value curious people who learn rapidly and eagerly. 
  • We hire people that are better than us, we train them, we challenge them and retain them. We believe that losing great talents is a sin. 
  • We lead by example, in both great and small gestures in the company’s day to day activities. 
  • Our consumer is our boss. We will always strive to serve our consumers better. We will constantly set the bar higher and will never be completely satisfied with our results. This is our competitive advantage. 
  • Name, reputation and brands are precious assets that take decades to build and days to destroy. 
  • We take our decisions accordingly. We are paranoid about costs and expenses -
  •  the only two variables under our control - in order to ensure our long-term 
  • strength and survival. We always think in the long-term, but smartly separate what needs to be done well now, and what can be improved later. We believe common sense and simplicity are the keys to great success, 
  • as opposed to complexity and sophistication.